Summit Learning Courses

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Summit Learning?
Summit Learning is an online personalized learning platform which has been adopted by LCM that will allow students more autonomy over their learning and increased opportunities to explore different pathways in their learning. The program model consists of Personalized Learning Time, Project Time, and Mentoring.

Why is Luke C. Moore using Summit?
LCM has adopted the Summit curriculum to provide students with a personalized approach to learning. Our goal is to try a new approach by allowing students to maximize ownership of their own learning and to experience more independent practice.

How is Summit different from Edgenuity?
The Summit platform offers a more interactive experience for users wherein student work can be stored online and teachers can communicate with students in real time. Each course has a project-based component which allows for skill application to be assessed.

How will I access the Summit platform?
Go to Log in using your DCPS email address. If it is your first time logging in and you are having difficulty, please call the OCTO Help Desk at (202) 442-5715.

Can I experience the platform as a user?
Yes, there is a demo site that can be accessed by staff: You can also see a student view within your own Summit account by clicking on “View As” and selecting a student’s name.

What is the grading breakdown for Summit for the 2021-2022 school year?
Projects = 70%
Focus Areas = 30%

Is every content area at LCM using Summit?
At this time, the only courses that will be offered using the Summit platform are ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Does Summit use standards supported by NGSS and CCSS?
Yes. Summit courses are based upon NGSS or CCSS.

How will I be assigned my Summit course?
As a teacher, you will log in to Summit and select the course(s) that you are teaching from the courses listed.

How do I edit my course(s)?
You can make a copy of your course and save it to your dashboard. Then, you are able to add or remove activities, resources, cognitive skills and focus areas within your course.

I have some students who cannot independently access the content on Summit because of reading deficits. What can I do?
Summit allows for personalization within the focus areas. You can assign students focus areas that match their abilities and/or prior knowledge.

Will materials for the projects be supplied?
Materials will be supplied electronically in the form of resources.

Some students would prefer or insist to work independently. Are projects collaboratively or independently completed? How should we address this?
We do want to allow students some flexibility in terms of how they best learn. Projects vary, and the teacher can choose how to group students when needed. When students are working on Focus Areas, they will be working independently.

How many grades per week do I need to input in Summit?
1-2 grades, depending on the project and/or focus areas that students are doing.

Chemistry is the science for 11th grade (in the Summit curriculum). Some 9th or 10th grade students may take chemistry. What grade level will I use for the cognitive skills rubric?
Use the cognitive skills rubric associated with the grade level of the course. So for Chemistry, you would use the 11th grade cognitive skills.

Do students have to complete all of the assignments in Summit?
Students SHOULD complete all assignments in the course. Summit courses include three different areas in which students are assessed:
a. Projects: Cognitive skills (70%)
b. Focus Areas: Independent working time (30%)
Remember, you can edit your course(s) to include any and all assignments that you want your students to complete.