Luke C. Moore High School is an Opportunity Academy.

Vision: For students in DC Public Schools for whom traditional education is not the right fit deserve both second chances and multiple pathways to success. All Opportunity Academies will undergo a transformation with regards to the types of academic programming, social emotional learning and post-secondary readiness offered. Opportunity Academies will be designed with and by students and be dedicated to cultivating educated, self-directed, critical thinkers equipped with all of the skills necessary to unleash their potential. All Opportunity Academies will offer:
  • Individualized academic programming through Summit Personalized Learning;
  • A robust college exposure and success component;
  • The introduction of competency-based learning to take the place of traditional seat hours;
  • Activities that extend beyond the walls of the building and allow students to use the world around them;
  • Opportunities for career and technical training and on-ramps to meaningful careers;
  • Activities and areas designed for health, wellness and social emotional learning;
  • Programming to support pregnant and parenting students; and
  • Several official athletic teams and other extracurricular activities based on student interest.

Luke C. Moore will offer an intensive college focus with dual-enrollment possibilities as well as a focus on future planning and personal responsibility to students ages 17-21. Students can also participate in several Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs.