Parent Portal

Parent Portal Log-in

The goal of the District’s Parent Portal is to create an open portal of communication between teachers and families to more easily work as a team in supporting each student’s learning. The portal provides families more insight into what occurs in the classroom, helping them become better equipped to support their child’s strengths and areas of growth. For your username and password, contact your child’s school.

How You Will Receive Your Account

Your initial log-in information for the Parent Portal will come via email. If you have trouble logging in, please reach out to your school’s registrar to make sure they have your correct email address and have granted you Parent Portal access in the system.

Parent Portal Flyers Instructional Videos These instructional videos will guide you through the ins and outs of the Aspen Parent Portal. Helpful Guides

Check out this step-by-step Mobile Guide to accessing the Parent Portal on your phone or tablet.

Read through this Student User Guide to help support your child with navigating through Aspen.

If you have any questions regarding the Parent Portal or your access to it, please reach out to your school.